Maintaining a Safe Space During COVID-19

  • All of our practitioners and staff members perform a self-screen before coming in to the clinic each day

  • Each patient is asked to do a self-screen before coming in to the clinic 

  • There will be an active screen performed upon arrival at the clinic, which involves a brief screening questionnaire & a temperature reading 

  • The clinic waiting room & IV suite are set-up to abide by social distancing recommendations

  • We have a regular practice of disinfecting all surfaces after each patient visit 

  • We have implemented a nightly cleaning/disinfecting service for the entire clinic

  • We are equipped with two hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer in each clinic zone

  • Masks are mandatory in the Pleasant Professional Building where we are located; if a patient does not have their own mask, we will provide a disposable mask 

  • The elevator has limited capacity to one person (or one family) per ride 

  • We provide contactless pickup for all supplement refills or delivery through Canada Post


If you are experiencing: any respiratory symptoms or symptoms that may be related to COVID-19; have travelled outside of the province within the past 14 days; have come into contact with anyone who has travelled; or who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please do not come into the clinic. We continue to offer virtual & phone consultations for all patients. We appreciate your support of our ongoing commitment to maintain a clean & safe environment for all of our patients. 



The Freeman Clinic