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Stressed and Worried About The Start Of School?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Naturopathic Medicine Can Be A Part Of Your Mental Health

Back-to-School Plan

The end of summer can be a challenging time. The evening air has a chill

reminding you of the impending winter, the sunsets are getting earlier, and you

are reminded of the return to school.

You are not alone.

Whether you are going into first year of undergrad, entering into a professional program or apprenticeship or are a parent concerned about your child entering Kindergarten, September jitters can lead to anxiety.

The most recent statistics indicate that about 25% of students experience significant anxiety and/or depression. Still, you want to feel relaxed and to enjoy your school experience. Isn’t this

supposed to be the most fun time of your life, after all?

Worries and stressors can

make getting through your daily life difficult, if not impossible. Having a plan that

includes naturopathic medicine will help to alleviate or even avoid the anxieties

related to school.

In addition to individual and group therapy, a naturopath can provide help with

supporting the body systems that are put under strain with anxiety, depression

and stress. Maybe you would feel better with cutting down on caffeine and sugar.

Maybe you would benefit from taking magnesium or B vitamins or fish oils.

Perhaps getting exercise or better sleep will be most useful.

Whatever the cause, naturopathic medicine can help you support your mood and

getting back to a more joyful place. If you’re curious about how naturopathic

doctors can help you specifically, make a free 10-minute consult with us. Many

college and university insurance plans as well as your parents’ plans cover the

fees for naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Caroline Meyer ND


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