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The Power Nine- Longevity Tips from the Blue Zones of the Planet

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

There are 5 blue zones of the planet. In these places, the population has the highest number of people who reach 100 years or greater. What do they have in common?

  1. Move Naturally: People who live in the blue zones are ntt weekend warriors; their environment encourages them to move frequently at a slower pace throughout the day to garden, complete housework or walk in often hilly or mountainous terrain.1

  2. Purpose: They emphasize the importance of living a meaningful life by committing to a goal, ideal, or cause – something greater than yourself.1

  3. Downshift: Each blue zone has its own way of decompressing, be it through prayer, nap time, happy hour, or ancestor remembrance.1

  4. 80 Percent Rule: Not everyone eats until they feel completely full. Instead, Okinawans stop when they are 80-percent full, which helps with weight management.1

  5. Plant Slant: Beans such as fava, black, soy, or lentils are a common dominator within diets, and vegetables are also a key player.1 Meat is on the menu on a more restrained way, which aligns more with environmental sustainability. Across the blue zones, meat is only eaten about five times per month.1

  6. Relaxing Hour: Except for Loma Linda, blue zone residents partake in happy hour with moderate wine consumption.1 Sardinia is known for their Cannonau wine, which is said to have 2-3 times the level of antioxidants compared to other wines. Note that a high antioxidant diet can be achieved however without the alcohol.

  7. Belong: A sense of faith might have a role in longevity; of the 263 centenarians interviewed for blue zones research, only five weren’t members of a faith-based community.1

  8. Loved Ones First: Several generations live together under one roof or at least near one another, allowing everyone to spend more quality time together.1 Researchers also found having a life partner might boost life expectancy.1 Sleeping alone in advanced years was also indicated to promote restful sleep in some tribes.

  9. Right Tribe: A strong social network helps reinforce healthy habits while providing emotional support.1


1. Buettner D, Skemp S. Blue zones: lessons from the world's longest lived. Am J Lifestyle Med. 2016;10(5):318-321. doi:10.1177/1559827616637066

2. Adapted from Thorne Research Take 5 Daily


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